Winner of Express Media Awards Best New Project in Victoria 2010 for The Adventures of White Wolf.

Winner of Music and Effects Award for Best Achievement in Sound 2008 for Beware Of Black Dog.

Nominated for Orloff Family Trust Award 2008 for Best Masters in Animation Production for Beware of Black Dog.

"Whenever I think about Candiloro's work all I want to do is invent elaborate descriptions for his art-style. His work has a monolithic quality, like a corroded Incan mosaic, which is both unique and very captivating." - Emmet O'Cuana - The Momus Report.

"Frank Candiloro has worked hard at developing an artistic style that is distinctly his own. I can almost guarantee that you will never have picked up another comic with Candiloro's touch, the aesthetics are unique and for those who like their artwork dark and foreboding, hypnotic." - Scaryminds.com

"Wow. At the tender age of 27, Australian artist Frank Candiloro has a vision of what comic books are as well as what they can be, and, in his very distinct manner, he is slowly exploring these ideas." - ComicsBulletin.com

"The Quentin Tarantino of Australian Comics" - Bruce Mutard, author of The Sacrifice.

Crazy super-intelligent rabbits. Disillusioned teenage vampires and mummies. Werewolf superheroes. Super-powered holy figures. These, and a whole lot more await you when you meet Frank Candiloro, a graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts and maker of fine, vector-based animations and comics.

Incorporating influences from the Golden Age of Animation, 40's cinema and comic books, as well as having a strong emphasis on design, there is no limit to the ghoulish services that Frank can provide, whether it be animation, character design, storyboarding, illustration, editing, screenwriting or the ressurection of the undead.

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